Auditions for Hay Fever, by Noel Coward

Wed 13th March to Wed 20th March 2024

Auditions for Hayfever,

Wednesday 13th March 7.30pm

Sunday 17th March, 2.30pm

Wednesday 20th March, 7.30pm

Playing Dates 9th-13th July

You may have heard of the expression A Comedy of Manners, well this play, set in the 1920’s is a comedy of bad manners.  In their country house, David Bliss, a novelist and Judith Bliss, a retired actress, have each invited a guest to stay for the weekend.  However, unbeknown to them, their high spirited children, Simon and Sorel , have also invited guests of their own.  The houseful of mismatched personalities sets the scene for this argumentative, self absorbed family to humiliate and ignore their guests.  This leads to high jinks and chaos. Written with Noel Coward’s famous wry wit.

The Characters Are:

David Bliss    –  50s plus

Judith Bliss   –   50s

Simon Bliss   –   20s

Sorel Bliss     –   20s

Myra Arundel    –  Houseguest 30-40s

Richard Greatham   –   Houseguest  40-50s

Jackie Coryton          –   A sweet flapper  20s

Sandy Tyrell             –    A young boxer   20s

Housekeeper  –     Female, 50s plus

All auditions in the theatre lounge.  For further information about the play and the characters, and arranging to borrow a script before the auditions, please contact the Director, Sue Waller on 01604 740031, mobile 07483281644 or email: