Our Mission, Vision and Values

Our Mission

To foster and promote the maintenance, improvement, development, study and practice of dramatic art in all its forms among the inhabitants of the district of Market Harborough and elsewhere.

Our Vision

MHDS aspires to be:

A thriving theatrical charity that serves our growing community – promoting artistic endeavours in all we do. We aspire to be a welcoming Society that champions our history and traditions, whilst embracing new and innovative theatre. We strive to be a developing and sustainable Society that adapts to change whilst optimising use of our precious space and prized location.

Our Values

MHDS supports initiatives which are:

We nurture and inspire artistic passion to create memorable theatrical experiences

We are proud guardians of our reputation and committed to excellence in all we do

We welcome challenge and support one another to try new ideas and overcome obstacles

We bring people together, and use our collective expertise to create rewarding experiences

We are consciously thoughtful and sensitive to the needs and opinions of others within our community