The Season So Far 2021-2022


The Long-awaited return to normality at the Harborough Theatre arrived in style with the staging of Skylight by David Hare. This play had been postponed due to last year’s lockdown and had been waiting in the wings.  And it was worth the wait wrote Gordon Birch in the Harborough Mail.

The raw emotions of Tom (Joff Brown), Kyra (Kate Waterfield) , with whom he had an affair, and his son Edward (Alex Laurenti) are laid bare in the guilt-ridden aftermath of Tom’s wife’s death.  

The wordy but naturalistic script was delivered so expertly by all three, that it was like eavesdropping on a real-life situation.  Kate Waterfield and Joff Brown were perfect as the ill-fated lovers.  It was impossible not to be caught up in their emotional turmoil.  They were that convincing.  And one simply felt sorry for the comparatively innocent Edward thanks to Alex Laurenti’s impressive debut.  An excellent play superbly directed by Liz Clarke