A Message From The Chairman – April 2020


Dear Members/Supporters,

It’s a month since we closed the theatre and three weeks since the Country went into ‘Lockdown’ – with those, like me, who fall into one or more of the vulnerable categories, being told to stay at home and not move.
Now, I’m not very good at doing what I’m told, but, on this occasion, I’ve done just that, and I’m sure there are a lot of MHDS members and supporters who are in the same boat. But I’m lucky. I’ve got my wife looking after me and I’ve got a garden to sit in – not everyone has this luxury, and it is surprising how little things we normally take for granted become little luxuries at times like this.
Which brings me to the first point of this message. If you are alone and do not have family close by and would welcome a chance to talk to other members on the phone, Whats App, Skype or Zoom let me know and I’ll try to put you in touch with other like minded members.(email chairman@mhds.org.uk)
The theatre will remain closed for some time, but things are not entirely static. Our treasurer has applied for and been given one of the Governments ‘small business’ grants which will offset some of the losses incurred in cancelling three plays.
Owen has been ‘furloughed’ and we’ve guaranteed his job at least until the end of the season. We don’t want to lose good people, and we’re in the process of setting up a facility which will enable the Trustees to meet online to make decisions which would normally have been taken at the Spring Meeting.
We’re working on the (hopeful) assumption that we will be able to resume in time for our first scheduled play of next season in late September/early October and hope to be able to make public announcements with some degree of confidence by mid-June, but will try to keep members informed on a monthly basis until we can do so – whenever that might be.
But, in the meantime, please take very good care of yourselves.

With Kind regards

John Foreman
Chairman MHDS