People by Alan Bennett. Directed by Neil Kitson

Dates and times

Tue 23rd May at 7:45pm
Wed 24th May at 7:45pm
Thu 25th May at 7:45pm
Fri 26th May at 7:45pm
Sat 27th May at 2:30pm
Sat 27th May at 7:45pm

This story centres on two sisters, Dorothy and June, who live in their ancestral home, Stacpole House, but cannot afford to maintain it.

June favours donating it to the National Trust, while Dorothy resists and explores other options, including selling it to investors who wish to hire it out as a film set for a maker of porn films.

The contrast between the two couldn’t be greater. Dorothy hates the idea of crowds of National Trust visitors tramping through her lifelong home. Why, she asks, can’t it just fade into obscurity.

(includes sexual references and adult humour)