Tall Tales and Breadcrumbs

Thu 25th November to Sat 27th November 2021

When Little Red Riding Hood disobeys her Mother and runs away to the Big City looking for adventure, she has no idea of the chain events she will set in motion and the colourful characters she will meet.  

Can Detective Steel and his sidekick Marshall help her solve the brutal murder of Prince Charming? Can she take responsibility for the choices she made and can the Fairy Godmother help her see the truth? And if there’s no one left to rescue you from the Wolf, can you rescue yourself?

“Tall Tales and Breadcrumbs”, by Claire Parsons, is a journey into the darker side of fairy tales, the power of love and the difficulty of self-discovery. 

This hilarious, thought provoking and touching new play from Parsnips Youth Theatre is a tapestry of all our favourite fairy tales, woven together with a modern twist on the old-fashioned morality stories we think we know so well. 

25th to 27th November, at 7.15pm      Tickets on sale from October from ticketsource.co.uk/parsnips