Open Auditions for Be My Baby, by Amanda Whittington

Dates and times

Sun 23rd June at 2:30pm
Tue 2nd July at 7:30pm

Director Paul Beasley

Playing the week of 3rd November

All auditions in the Theatre Lounge

Mary Adams, 19 years old, unmarried and 7 months pregnant, is forcibly sent by her mother, purely to keep up appearances, to St. Saviour’s Mother and Baby Home run by an overbearing matron.  She and the other girls in the home, Queenie, Dolores and Norma, must deal with not only their involuntary seclusion and the shame of their situation, but also with the dawning realisation that they will be forced to give up their children for adoption.  Nevertheless, the girls’ energy, sense of fun and bonds of companionship shine through all their challenges, meaning this powerful play alternates back and forth between wry humour and heart breaking pathos, ensuring all parts represent real and rewarding acting challenges.

The Characters are:
Mary, 19, seven months pregnant
Dolores, 17, three months pregnant
Queenie, 20, four months pregnant
Norma, 20, eight months pregnant
Matron, Late 40s-60s, Head of St. Saviours
Mrs Adams, 40s Mary’s Mother

If you wish to audition, or would like further information about the play and/or characters, please contact the Director, Paul Beasley, via mobile 07771 747949 or email at To borrow a script before the auditions please contact Owen Brooks at the theatre office.  Please note that the play is set in the North of England, and regional accents will be required for all parts except the Matron. In addition, a strong singing voice will be required for the part of Queenie.

These auditions are open. Anyone may audition for a part, but if you are cast or get involved in the play in any way you will be asked to become a member of the Market Harborough Drama Society.