Dracula, The Amuse-ical, written & directed by Mark Bodicoat

Tue 4th October to Sat 8th October 2022

Dracula, the Amuse-ical is the Bram Stoker vampire story re-imagined for the stage. In this comic adaptation Hammer House of Horror meets Carry on Coffin! It is not a pantomime, but…it is fast, furious, silly, with over 20 characters, some appearing at the drop of a hat, a change of coat or the swirling of a scarf.

The set consists of three simple coffin-sized crates, which are moved, twisted and turned by the actors to create each scene, and well-known tracks of popular music intersperse the action.

Be prepared to be afraid, very afraid… of laughing until your sides ache.

Tickets on sale from 6th September