Get involved with wardrobe

translations-25The wardrobe team is responsible for designing and creating the costumes for each production.

How it works

The costume designer will work closely with the director to determine the number, types and styles of costumes that are required for a production. Costumes are designed and then either sourced from our own extensive stock, made from scratch or hired from commercial hire companies. A variety of skills including, sewing, dyeing, alteration of existing costumes including distressing a costume to look old or worn are used. Once a production is running other maintenance such as running repairs, washing, drying and ironing are used.

 Commitment and reward

The wardrobe team are a friendly and and enthusiastic bunch who enjoy having a good chat while sewing and making costumes. Learning is done on the job and you will find a warm welcome whatever your current level of experience is.

What to do next

For more information and to find out how to get involved with the wardrobe team, contact Jan Cross.