Get involved with the bar team

P1010060The bar operates on show nights, selling drinks and snacks to members of the audience.

How it works

You will first receive training so that you are fully aware of the legal requirements involved in serving alcohol to our members. You will then be paired with an experienced bar steward when you first start working behind the bar. The cash till is pre-programmed with the prices of all of the drinks and snack which are for sale and its operation will soon become familiar to you. Orders for interval drinks are often taken before the performance starts and these are prepared in advance shortly before the interval by the bar team for collection by the audience members who have pre-booked their drinks. After the performance drinks are served to those members of the audience, cast and backstage crew who want to relax after the show. Finally the takings for the evening are cashed up and put in the safe.

 Commitment and reward

If you enjoy meeting people, are friendly and approachable and can spare an evening working behind the bar during a production run then you will be warmly welcomed by the bar team. You will enjoy meeting and talking to audience members as well as the cast and back-stage crew members.  You will gain in confidence and will soon an integral part of the show team,

What to do next

For more information and to find out how to get involved with the box office team, contact Owen Brooks.