Get involved with sound

P1010056The sound team is responsible for the design, creation and operation of music and sound effects for each production.

How it works

Each production has a sound designer. The sound designer will work closely with the director to source the music and create the sound effects that are required for a production. Once the music and sound effect files have been created they are copied to a computer in the lighting box. The sound designer will then create a cue sheet which specifies when and how each sound should be played. The sound operator uses the cue sheet to operate the computer, CD players and a mixing desk to trigger the sounds at the specified time and volume level during the production.  Towards the end of the rehearsal process there will be a ‘technical rehearsal’ where all the sound cues are rehearsed with the actors and the director and final adjustments made. During the performance run the sound team will operate the sound using the computer, CD-Players and mixing desk as prompted by the cue sheet.

Commitment and reward

Working in the sound team means that you are fundamentally involved as the play comes to life. If you have less time to spare then you can help operate the sound on a rehearsal or performance night. As your experience builds you will be encouraged to progress to creating the sounds and designing the sound plan for a production and given all the necessary support.

What to do next

For more information and to find out how to get involved with the sound team, contact Peter Mitchell