Get involved with set design and construction

P1010046The set provides the environment in which the dramatic action takes place and creates the mood, atmosphere and sense of time and place. They can range from the abstract to detailed interior or exterior locations. The director will work with the set designer who will produce a scale model of the set. Once the set design is complete the set construction team will build the actual set on stage.

How it works

No previous experience of set building is required although any DIY skills that you have will be valuable. Learning takes place on the job under the supervision of an experienced set designer. Set backdrops are often painted by a scenic artist. Set building often raises interesting challenges to solve but is always fun.

P1010045Commitment and reward

The set builders meet on Tuesday and Sunday mornings. Our set builders take great pride and pleasure in creating something that looks realistic and substantial even though it may be constructed from plywood sheets and wooden battens. The team is a mixed group of ages, genders and abilities and everyone is made to feel welcome.

What to do next

For more information and to find out how to get involved with the set building team, contact Tony Osborn