Get involved with lighting

P1010033The lighting team is responsible for the design, rigging and operation of the lighting for each production. On some productions it can also include pyrotechnics and other special effects.

How it works

Each production has a lighting designer. The lighting designer will work closely with the director to create a lighting plan that will satisfy the needs of the production. The lighting team will then set up the lights in a process called ‘rigging’. The lighting cues are then programmed into the lighting desk so that lighting changes can be automatically initiated on cue by the lighting operator.  Towards the end of the rehearsal process there will be a ‘technical rehearsal’ where all the lighting cues are rehearsed with the actors and the director and final adjustments made. During the performance run the lighting team will operate the lights using the pre-programmed cues.

P1010030Commitment and reward

Working in the lighting team means that you are fundamentally involved as the play comes to life. If you have less time to spare then you can help operate the lights on a rehearsal or performance night. As your experience builds you will be encouraged to progress to designing a lighting plan for a production and given all the necessary support.

What to do next

For more information and to find out how to get involved with the lighting team, contact John Falconer