Get Involved with Stage Management / Prompting

Stage Management and Prompting are an integral part of any theatre production, especially for people who don’t necessarily want to be seen on stage, but want to be involved.

How it works

As we rehearse each production we identify where it will be necessary for scene changes to occur, or where back stage crew will need to communicate with cast. During the play, the prompt will sit by the stage and, of course, will hopefully never be needed but is there as required.

Commitment and reward

The roles requires a great deal of commitment and hard work spanning several weeks.  However seeing a play develop and come to life is a very rewarding experience. You will be in a tight-knit and supportive team which includes the cast, and front of house amongst others. The hard work all comes together during a week long play run.

What to do next

For more information and to find out how to get involved with stage management or prompting , contact Barbara LLoyd.